When in doubt, copy!

Do you know those moments when you are stuck? Like you want to de something creative, but it doesn’t come out the way you envisioned it? What do you do?

I personally, turn to artists I love, and make copy inspired by their work. Not cool? Not if you give them the credit they deserve for making beautiful art and getting you out of your nasty “artist block” darkness.


Inspired by talented Amanda Michele. Check more of her stunning art on Instagram!


Inspired by the amazing Emily Jeffords. Check more of her stunning art on Instagram!


Inspired by the work of Jen Lashek. Check out more of her outstanding art in Instagram!

Yours truly,


Head in the clouds and natural fibers

It has been a while since I first discovered weaving. The process can be slow, but so rewarding once a project it’s completed.

The moment I have found the pink tones fibers, I know that the next one will be for my little sister. Not that she is the “oh, so pink!” type of girl, quite the contrary. I thought this will be funny, she will love the irony!

And because I cannot resist some good, neutral, earth tones, natural fibers, I have made one for me as well.

And branded both with my logo, which I personally burned onto wood. Bäm!

weaving 1

weaving 2

weaving 3

weaving 4

Yours truly,