Me versus the pom-pom garland

Sunday, July 5th 2015, Frankfurt, Germany – 38 degrees, not a single wind-blow, not a single cloud. Despair…some thanks to the awful weather conditions, most of it thanks to the fact that today is my last holiday day. Two weeks spend with friends, hammock, barbecue, festival, sister, cat, boyfriend, reading, zoo, Netflix – a blast, a completely unproductive blast!

I had to do something, the most tinny thing, to get me out of this “I completely wasted 2 weeks doing nothing but relax and enjoy” state of mind. So I made myself a pom-pom garland 🙂 I saw one years ago in an interior design magazine, hanging on some tree branches in a vase – beautiful! I decided my mannequin could use one as well 😉


I choose a rather thick yarn, from Orlando (a Spanish producer, affordable prices), in three colours:  fuchsia, light blue and yellow.

If you google “how to make a pom pom”, you’ll get plenty tutorials on different techniques, but the one I used is very simple, and it reminds me of my childhood when me and my sister use to play with mothers yarn. All that you need is the yarn and some scissors. In the end, I will also share some little things I’ve learned along the process, that I will definitively apply for my next pom-pom project (most probably a colourful rug).

Step one: making the pom-pom

Wrap the yard on four fingers of your left hand (if you are right-handed) for about 60-100 times, depending on how big you would like the pom-pom to be. For my garland, I wanted to use different pom-pom sizes, so for the big ones I wrapped 100 times, and for the smaller ones around 60 times only. Then cut the yarn loose, like in the picture below.

Step one

Now grab all the loops at once with your free hand, and pull them off all together. Grab them in the middle, and see them forming something similar to a bow. Then take a 10-15 centimetres yarn (same colour as the pom-pom or as the string you will use to tie the pom-poms together and create the garland) and tie the “bow” in the middle really tight, making a knot.

Step 2

Then finally, start cutting the yarn at the “bows” ends, and start giving the pom-pom the desired shape by cutting off the “rebel” yarn – et voilà! Make sure you leave the knot ends longer that the pom-pom, to be able to attach it later to the garland string.

Step 3

Step two: making the garland

Ok, you now have the pom-poms, different colours and sizes. All you have to do is tie each of them to the string, using the knot ends, so they form the desired garland. You can choose to tie them at the same distance from each other, or to different distances. I choose to tie them random, because I like the things that are not perfect/ symmetric.

Here the final result!

final stepSome things I’ve learned and can help you if it’s the first time you make a pom-pom garland:

– don’t tie the initial “bow” directly with the garland string, but always use a separate 10-15 centimetres yarn – the garland sting can break under the know pressure and just complicates things

– the number of loops around your four fingers should increase with the size of the desired pom-pom.

If you haven’t tried it yet, do it! it’s easy and fun to do. You can get inspiration from my Pom-Pom mania Pinterest board as well!

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

Yours truly,


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