Startup festival? Yes, please!

Everyone attends music festivals, but have you ever attended a startup festival? I did. Uprise Startup Festival 2015 took place yesterday and today at NDSM, the former shipyard in Amsterdam Nord.

Marketplace, workshops, makerspace, pitches, lounges, give aways, apps, games, and gadgets were only some of the things that created a very creative and relaxed atmosphere. DJs, music, food and drinks rounded the whole festival experience and I had a blast today!uprise1Uprise2

My day had two highlights that I would like to share with you ūüôā

  1. Makerversity have plans to come to Amsterdam in 2016! Yay! They provide affordable space, tools and cutting edge workshop facilities to makers/ creative businesses as well as opportunities for collaborations, projects, investment and funding. I want to work for/with them!!
  2. The workshop delivered by Kevin Weijers¬†offered¬†some delicious food for thought. Kevin states that you need to get 6 things clear in order to bring your idea to life. If you speak dutch, you can also check his blog. I can’t, but he did mentioned something today about starting to write in english as well, so I’ll stay tuned.
  • What is the value you add by implementing your idea – get the story straight: why do you want to do this specific thing?, how are you going to do it?, what is the added value?, who will benefit from this thing you are doing?
  • Deal with Sales – make 3 lists of people you would like to share your idea with: people you know directly, people you know indirectly because the people you know directly know them, and people you would wish to know in the future. Pitch your idea and ask for feedback. It’s ok to dream big and say you would like to meet the CEO of Discovery, if your idea is to make a documentary, for example.
  • Testing/ Doing – what can turn your idea into an “easy yes”? Who’s eyes light up when you pitched your idea in front of them? Let these people test your idea, get them involved and ask for feedback that you can afterwards build/ develop upon. Start with small steps and get them “on board”, engaged, curious. For example, if you would like to blog about artists life after spending some days with them, obtaining an “easy yes” would be to give them a “taste” of your idea by making a small movie first about the backstage experience you have with the band after a concert.
  • Learning/ developing – What are the meta and micro skills you need to develop in order to implement your idea? – is it necessary to learn web development? how to use a camera? photoshop? improve negotiation or public speaking skills? There are enormous online free resources these days that allow you to learn and develop skills at your own pace.
  • Marketing – set the goal on reaching 1.000 true fans of your idea – what characteristics has a true fan? What are books they read? The Insta accounts they follow? The events they attend? The more you know about your true fans, the sooner you’ll identify what their commonalities are and use them to attract them.
  • Supporting activities – engage in activities that capture the essence of your idea.

It doesn’t matter if you are planing to start your own business, or are just interested in hanging out with people madly passionate about something, startup events are a great place to get the entrepreneurship taste and a motivational boost to shut down Netflix and get some shit done.

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

Yours truly,