My “30-days-of-drawing”, or how I beautifully failed

I am sure you heard about the “30-days-of-drawing” challenges artists or wanna-be artists do. And so did I, and boy, how graciously I failed! 🙂 Theoretically, the project requires a drawing a day, for 30 days. I started mine in May. It’s October now – you do the math. However, the lessons I’ve learned along the way are important ones.

When you commit to to such project, regardless of whatever daily, repetitive activity it requires (could be painting, photography, watercolour etc), make sure you have the necessary time to complete it. A 10-12-14 h/day job, combined with travel, won’t do it. So, LESSON NR.1 – block some time either at the end of the day, or in the morning, to dive into your project. Tip: If you can start it when you have holiday, then you have no excuse!

Ok, so let’s assume you’ve got all the time in the world, and a full-time job it’s not your enemy, next question is: What do you draw? And if you are someone like me and haven’t trained your creative muscle in years, you might find it difficult to come up with something different to draw every day. LESSON NR.2 – get enough inspiration along the way! Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, google – there are plenty sources to browse and get inspired. Start with what interest you: realistic or abstract? people or nature? coloured or black&white? a mixture of everything because you don’t have a clue what are the differences? BINGO! Thats what I choose as well.

I inspired myself mainly from the book of Helen Birch Freehand, even copied some sketches as well.  You’ll find that copying something at the beginning it’s ok as it works as trigger for your own ideas. Believe it or not, everyone can draw from imagination, it just takes some time to get the engine running – LESSON NR.3 and maybe the most important one: look at the word with open eyes and pick up imagines that you would like to draw. Don’t be afraid, in art there is no right and wrong. You will find at the end of the blogpost all the artists that inspired me, and here is a video of Helens book and what you can find inside.

Ok, there is no perfect moment to introduce my sketches, so here they come, from the first day, till today, when I officially ended my 30-days-of-drawing challenge, after 6 months from the start 🙂

Day 1-3Day4-6Day7-9Day10-12Day13-15Day16-18Day19-21DAy22-24Day25-27DAy27-30

You notice the sloppiness of the initial sketches, and the turn the project took on day 8 when I started using Helens book. What I like the most are not the single drawings, but the evolution that can be observed along the way – the learning process. Moreover, the project sparked a desire to start a sketchbook and test other medium as watercolour and collage 🙂

Do you have other tips and tricks that work when starting such a challenge? Share them below!

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

Yours truly,


PS: I was inspired by Nayoun Kim, Paula Mills, Ana Montiel, Frida Stenmark, Hisanori Yoshida, David Gomez Maestre, Liam Stevens, Catherina Turk, Lyvia Aylwalrd-Davies, Frida Stenmack, Paolo Lim, and Emily Watking.