Sparkle: easy DIY pullover with beads.


With Christmas around the corner, I keep getting these ideas about how to decorate the Christmas tree this year, but my mind doesn’t stop there. What should I wear for Christmas?

And this year I am in the mood for cashmere pullover and sparkle! So this Sunday I took advantage of the rainy day and made myself what I call “the perfect Christmas pullover”.

Pick any warm, puffy, fuzzy pullover, old or new, and a hand full of beads – any shape and colour you like and get started.

Before starting, I made a pattern of how I would like the beads to be arranged on the shoulders of the pullover:


As soon as I started manually sewing the beads on the fine cashmere pullover, I realised that this “design” it’s to detailed and heavy for the material I choose to work with, so as I went on sewing, I also went on rearranging the beads into a more simple shape.

Ta-Da! ๐Ÿ™‚


Lessons learned:

  • if you can, try to pick a knitting pattern that is more dense, sewing on big stitches can be quite frustrating as you will learn that you cannot easily sew the beads on the fine yarn.
  • after sewing 4-5 beads, “save” them and make a knot – when you realise you made a mistake, you don’t want to “compromise” all the beads you sew so far.
  • use a combination of small and big beads because, depending on the material you are sewing, these can get too heavy andย stretch the pullover.

This being said, I can’t wait for Christmas, snowy days, warm tea, baked apples with cinnamon and a good book.

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

Yours truly,


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