Castles and butterflies

Ink and watercolour sketches have something soft and delicate about them. I spend hours watching examples on Creative Echoes and  The Sketchbook, and I decided to give it a try as well.

I am new to watercolours (and any type of art, for that matter), so I naturally started with google. I found Karens post about the mixed technique, where she explains the different combinations you can choose from. I’ve also liked this video describing the technique with water-soluble ink.

Here is a slideshow with my first attempts – what I like about this combination of medium is that you have little control, especially if you are not familiar to watercolour, like I am. The results are some unexpected funny washes 🙂

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I have first applied the ink, not water-soluble, and then applied the watercolour, wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet to get some interesting mixing of colours directly on the paper.

I am still new to it, and you can see that my strokes are still quite stiff. I am aiming for that surreal, soft watercolour washes that will come only through practise.

Are you confident with this technique? If yes, what tips can you give those who just started exploring it?

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

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2 thoughts on “Castles and butterflies

  1. karencomics says:

    Hi Ana, thanks for linking to my ink and watercolour article! I found the video with the watersoluble inks very interesting (I love watching other people draw!), and of course I now have to go find some of those pens and learn that technique. The people at the art supply store love me…

    Your watercolour and ink explorations are looking wonderful! I’m enjoying your enthusiastic approach to learning. I do have a couple of tips for anyone wanting to get that loose, watercolour-y look: use a slightly bigger brush than you are comfortable with, and try not to go back into the wash and fiddle with it once you’ve laid it down.


    • Ana's Learning Lab says:

      Hi dear Karen, thank you for taking the time in sharing some of your secrets – I will surely use your tip next time and create something more loose. It’s so nice receiving advise from an artist – thank you!


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