Fancy some fast-fashion illustration?

Some weekend mornings start like this….

fashion magazines

Every lady would agree that this is well spend “me time”. Moreover, Carrie Bradshaw would give me price for this.

Some of these morning end with a satisfied appetite for coffee and huge desire to go shopping. Some however, will end with a creativity spark πŸ™‚

Sometimes you just want to experiment with textures, colours, shapes, or different materials. And if you are like me, then you are not necessary a gifted artist that can sketch a decent looking fashion sketch in minutes. It take ages and a lot of effort – not really matching with my “I want to drink coffee and relax” weekend morning plan. So I figured I could replace figure drawing with collage, and I am so happy I came up with this idea. Where did it come from?! hihi.

You need: your favourite fashion magazines, scissors, glue and sketching A4 white paper.

Step1: Choose your models – I choose the biggest pictures I found, this easy to cut off from the magazine without worrying too much about the details. It has to be fun and simple! Here are my girls πŸ™‚

fashion inspiration

Step2: Choose materials,patterns and colours. Everything that attracts your eye! Here my selection:

fashion pattern and colors

Step3: Remove items, and replace with new textures! I tried not to focus on small items, and have choose a rather eye catcher piece that I replaced with a pattern I found matching. Use the scissors and the glue to make a collage. Here my super-fast-and-easy-to-do fashion illustrations πŸ™‚

fashion illustration

Collage is such a simple to use medium, and you don’t have to be an experienced artist to get a nice result. I used it in fashion illustration, but it can be easily used in combination with other mediums to create really interesting art. One step at the time, friends, one step at the time.

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

Yours truly,



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