The sky is not the limit.

I don’t think I have stressed enough how much I love Skillshare. I could spend days watching classes and tutorials, and you find so many talented people that learn and go for their dreams.

So, I took a watercolor class, by artist Ana Victoria Calderon and I loved it! Although I already theoretically knew almost everything she explained, having the information structured helped a lot – reminiscences from our beloved educational system I guess 😀

The class started with the necessary supplies and basic exercises: gradients, washes, and practising pulse and precision.

We then moved forwards with a monochromatic exercise to really get the creative juice flowing and practise what we learned. Super fun were the “experimental planets” we did: just testing how different watercolours or inks react to each other and to other materials you normally have around the house (salt, nail polish remover, alcohol).

We then used all learned experiments in one piece, the jellyfish, right before completing the final project: a galaxy paining using all techniques – btw, it got 156 likes on Instagram after one day – OMG, that is huge for me, taking into consideration that my account is one week old 🙂

photo 2-1 copy

photo 3-1

My pulse and precision are far from perfect, the lines are still not same width and are not very straight, but I guess perfect comes from practice.

This being said, let’s spend more time on Skillshare, and less on Facebook.

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