Abstract with gold

Hello all, since yesterday I have internet in my new flat. Yay!

This means series in the evening, Skillshare during the day. And because I bought new art supplies yesterday, I dived in the abstract painting class teacher by Karina Eibatova.

Here are the results, and the gold paint shining in the sunlight.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 15.32.39

It’s very interesting to play with watercolor when creating an abstract piece, because there are no rules, you can choose the colors you like, let them flow into each other, experiment, and let the creative genius flow 😀

Sure you can “perfect” your own abstract style (for example, I simply love the style of Bianca Bello from Wildhumm.com, Beth Winterburn from ebw-artwork.com, Ellen Sherman from ehsherman.com and Deeann Rieves from deeanntieves.com), but even if you have no idea about watercolor, and you just go with the flow, you can get impressively beautiful  pieces.

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

Yours truly,