Stitches and colourful threads.


It’s been too long already since my last post. And I can’t say I was lazy, no. I am still spending my weekends crafting and painting and learning new skills and testing my creativity.

Lately fiber arts like weaving and embroidery caught my attention. It reminds me of my childhood when my grandmother was knitting us warm things, makes me daydream about snowy weekends, and hot tea, and a cozy blankets. Except for the fact that it’s summer, and I live in Barcelona now where it’s really hot đŸ˜€ Despite this, I can’t fight a mood, and I won’t, so I decided to dig in and explore more.

Pinterest is almost always my starting point, the place I gather inspiration and it always get’s my creative juices flowing. Here the embroidery board.

Then there’s always some Skillshare involved đŸ™‚ Alice Mitev teaches a Premium class about the fundamentals of hand embroidery, and I found it very useful. There are plenty of free online resources on the web, like Sublime Stitching website, that offers great free tutorials.

I wanna share with you 2 simple designs I’ve made, and I can honestly say it can become easily addictive.

The first is the Scorpio constellation. I used a scrap from an old t-shirt and canvas, and it helped a lot, and the material already had the “stardust” in it, so it fitted my theme. I added the fine lines of the constellation and some sparkly stars and that’s it! I love it’s simplicity!

The second attempt is based on greens and nature: a leaf. I first painted the cotton stitching material with tones of greens, using watercolours. Once it dried, I draw the contour of the leaf, and went on stitching one french know after the other, and using the negative space to give shape to the design.

I have to admit that it’s reasonably easy to learn how to stitch. Sure, there are more complicated models and stitches, that one can learn with experience, but I’d say that I did pretty good for my first attempt.

Have you ever tried hand stitching?

Until next time, dare to play with your ideas!

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