“It´s a patterns world: Zentangle and Mandala” – Alexandra Dorgo

This blog was started from my desire to learn new things, experiment and discover, and inspire others to the same along the way. I have few people reading it regularly, but even so, I am so happy when some posts trigger small reactions among the people I know. Some go with “wow, cool project”, to “I´d like to try that myself one day!”. My sister went all the way and decided she would like to be a guest-blogger on my blog. I guess curiosity runs in the family 🙂 Enjoy and feel inspired!

“Hi people following my sisters blog, I am Alexandra (short Ale) and I would like to encourage you to try 2 of my fav relaxing through drawing techniques: mandala and zentangle. For some, the terms will not be new, but for those of you who never heard them, here is a short explanation (as I am not google.com, I’ll keep it short :)).

Mandalas originate in buddhism and hinduism and were used as representations of the universe . They typically started with a circle as main form. Inside the circle, different drawings were symmetrically evolving from a single middle-point.

Zentangles are repetitive patterns/lines/circles etc. that can be used to fill in different forms and drawings. A little like what we were doing in school whenever listening to a boring class, remember? You just have to let go your imagination.

Below are some of my drawings – you simply need a paper and some pens to get them done. Have fun!”







🙂 Thank you, little sis!

Yours truly,



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