Some sort of fiber art

Working with fibers and wool reminds me of winter during my childhood: a Romanian small village, a white and cold winter, fire inside, warmth and a shallow light. And grandma and mom knitting. Such peace and tranquility, and such mindfulness. The days seemed so long and quiet and relaxing.

It’s winter, but not the white, ‘snow-till-your-knees’ kind. Just the plain ‘cold wind and nasty rain’ type, but still winter. As days go shorter, I become more tempted to spend the afternoons with candle light and hot tea. In such setting, it’s quite difficult not to want to play around with wool and create something, bringing sweet childhood memories to life.

Below my weavings so far, some hanging already, one waiting to be taken off the loom still.


Walking around Barcelona one afternoon I discovered a lovely fiber store and already picked up the colour palette and texture for the next project. This one will most probably to to my lovely sister. 🙂


What have you been up lately?

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