Fancy something new?

Yes, paper-cutting to be more precise. I decided to finally put to use the cutting board and  paper cutter I bought some time ago. And could not resist the temptation to add a little watercolour too.

And then I framed it and hang it in my living room. Feels so good to hang your own creations!


Yours truly,



2 thoughts on “Fancy something new?

  1. Jill Kuhn says:

    Looks fabulous! I have been thinking of trying my hand at paper cutting too! I love your background as I adds to your tree! YAY for hanging it on your wall! ❤🌲🌈


    • Ana's Learning Lab says:

      😀 To be honest, Gill, it is harder than I thought, especially if you are not used to work with negative space. And o just get started. However, so much fun, and you can go amazingly creative! Impressive what a single white paper sheet and a good cut can do! 😀 I would love to see you giving it a try 😉

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