Head in the clouds and natural fibers

It has been a while since I first discovered weaving. The process can be slow, but so rewarding once a project it’s completed.

The moment I have found the pink tones fibers, I know that the next one will be for my little sister. Not that she is the “oh, so pink!” type of girl, quite the contrary. I thought this will be funny, she will love the irony!

And because I cannot resist some good, neutral, earth tones, natural fibers, I have made one for me as well.

And branded both with my logo, which I personally burned onto wood. Bäm!

weaving 1

weaving 2

weaving 3

weaving 4

Yours truly,



Some sort of fiber art

Working with fibers and wool reminds me of winter during my childhood: a Romanian small village, a white and cold winter, fire inside, warmth and a shallow light. And grandma and mom knitting. Such peace and tranquility, and such mindfulness. The days seemed so long and quiet and relaxing.

It’s winter, but not the white, ‘snow-till-your-knees’ kind. Just the plain ‘cold wind and nasty rain’ type, but still winter. As days go shorter, I become more tempted to spend the afternoons with candle light and hot tea. In such setting, it’s quite difficult not to want to play around with wool and create something, bringing sweet childhood memories to life.

Below my weavings so far, some hanging already, one waiting to be taken off the loom still.


Walking around Barcelona one afternoon I discovered a lovely fiber store and already picked up the colour palette and texture for the next project. This one will most probably to to my lovely sister. 🙂


What have you been up lately?

Yours truly,


Waving is for rainy weekends.

I was away for some time now. And a lot happened in the meantime….New job, new country, new city, new life: I moved to Barcelona. Between all the hustle, there was only some reading and Skillshare time left, not much time for the blog unfortunately. As a matter of fact, I am writing this right now from Rusia, where I am on training still. Yep, these past weeks were like a rollercoaster!

That until past Sunday, when it rained and I slowed down for one day only. I was all installed, and was enjoying the first coffee in my new home, when I felt the urge to have something made by me in my new flat. So I decided to give to give weaving a first try and make a wall hanging.

I had limited resources, but nevertheless all I needed to get started. The loom that I bought in Frankfurt, some (very) coloured yarn, and the desire to learn something new.

Weaving is really easy once you got the main idea. Sure that with time and practise one can get really fancy and ad a personal twist to the pieces, but the trick is to get started. I started a while ago collecting inspiration on Pinterest and I am amazed about how beautiful these wall woven hangings are. I took Savannah’s Kurka Skillshare class and a free article from ‘A beautiful Mess’ to get the basics and simply started applying all that I have learned.

Weaving attempt

The color combination is crazy, but the process was so relaxing and went prefect with coffee and rain. I inserted some tiny pom-pom’s to give it more depth 🙂

Has anyone tried weaving or macrame before? Would love to see some pictures!

Yours truly,