I’ve got autumn in my head.

I love spring and I am happy when the sun wins more and more battles with the cold. But even so, I have days when I have autumn in my head. Not for the rain, but for the state of mind it gets me into.

Today was one of them.


Happy Sunday, everyone!

Yours truly,


Some sort of fiber art

Working with fibers and wool reminds me of winter during my childhood: a Romanian small village, a white and cold winter, fire inside, warmth and a shallow light. And grandma and mom knitting. Such peace and tranquility, and such mindfulness. The days seemed so long and quiet and relaxing.

It’s winter, but not the white, ‘snow-till-your-knees’ kind. Just the plain ‘cold wind and nasty rain’ type, but still winter. As days go shorter, I become more tempted to spend the afternoons with candle light and hot tea. In such setting, it’s quite difficult not to want to play around with wool and create something, bringing sweet childhood memories to life.

Below my weavings so far, some hanging already, one waiting to be taken off the loom still.


Walking around Barcelona one afternoon I discovered a lovely fiber store and already picked up the colour palette and texture for the next project. This one will most probably to to my lovely sister. 🙂


What have you been up lately?

Yours truly,


“It´s a patterns world: Zentangle and Mandala” – Alexandra Dorgo

This blog was started from my desire to learn new things, experiment and discover, and inspire others to the same along the way. I have few people reading it regularly, but even so, I am so happy when some posts trigger small reactions among the people I know. Some go with “wow, cool project”, to “I´d like to try that myself one day!”. My sister went all the way and decided she would like to be a guest-blogger on my blog. I guess curiosity runs in the family 🙂 Enjoy and feel inspired!

“Hi people following my sisters blog, I am Alexandra (short Ale) and I would like to encourage you to try 2 of my fav relaxing through drawing techniques: mandala and zentangle. For some, the terms will not be new, but for those of you who never heard them, here is a short explanation (as I am not google.com, I’ll keep it short :)).

Mandalas originate in buddhism and hinduism and were used as representations of the universe . They typically started with a circle as main form. Inside the circle, different drawings were symmetrically evolving from a single middle-point.

Zentangles are repetitive patterns/lines/circles etc. that can be used to fill in different forms and drawings. A little like what we were doing in school whenever listening to a boring class, remember? You just have to let go your imagination.

Below are some of my drawings – you simply need a paper and some pens to get them done. Have fun!”







🙂 Thank you, little sis!

Yours truly,